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Therefore, in my secular state I promise to live all the days of my life the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Secular Franciscan Order by observing its rule of life. May the grace of the Holy Spirit, the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and our holy father St. Francis, and the fraternal bonds of community always be my help, so that I may reach the goal of perfect Christian love.

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Mary as “Holy Lady Poverty”

This reflection appears today in a special edition newsletter published by the Our Lady of Indiana region. We normally get together for “Unity Day” in early August for fellowship as an entire region. Because of the pandemic, the physical gathering was cancelled this year. Instead, we asked our scheduled speaker for a reflection on hisContinue reading “Mary as “Holy Lady Poverty””

On Franciscan Peace, Podcast #3: Bill Schmitt and David Seitz, Part Two

Click on the play button below to listen to the podcast: (For part one, click here.) Possible Questions for Discussion: Julian the Apostate said “Christians were making Romans look bad because they were offering charity not just to other Christians, but to non-Christians as well.”  This “love-in-action” was a major catalyst in lifting Christianity toContinue reading “On Franciscan Peace, Podcast #3: Bill Schmitt and David Seitz, Part Two”

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