One Click to the Rule

Luchesio and Buonadonna, the first Secular Franciscans

The OFS Rule is the heartbeat of who and what we are meant to be as Secular Franciscans. As is noted in the page “About Formation,” it is one of three key resources that we must have available to us at all times if we are to thrive in the life we have professed. In order to fully embrace the continuous conversion we are called to, it should always be at our fingertips.

For most of us, that means carrying the little red book that almost all of us received during our initial formation period or at our profession. I think you would find that at any meeting of my local fraternity, well over 50% of the people there could produce a copy of that book if you asked them to.

One great thing about this blog format is it can be used to make the Rule available on your phone with just a single click. I know that many Secular Franciscans are older and may not be completely savvy when it comes to technology, but this is very easy to do. (Even if you do struggle to accomplish it, you can always use that as an excuse to get your children or grandchildren to visit the site with you when you ask them to set it up!).

You can do this for not just the Rule page, but for any page you find on the web that you want easy access to. (You could just as easily set the home page of the blog as the first click page, thus getting access to the most recent posts in one click. If you did that, you would be all of three clicks to get to the Rule.)

For an Android Phone:

Go to your search engine and enter When the site comes up, click the menu button at the top and that will give you a drop down menu with an option for the “OFS Rule of Life.” Click on that option and you will be taken to the Rule.

Once on that page you will see dots in a column in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on the dots and you will get another drop down menu. In that menu is an option that reads “Add to Home Screen.” Tap that option and a link for the page you are on will automatically be added to the home screen of your phone. From then on, at any time, you can tap that link and it will take you directly to the OFS Rule page of the site, making the Rule always only one click away.

For an I-Phone:

Again, go to the search engine and type in Again, tap the menu button at the top of the page, select the “OFS Rule of Life.” Then, in the bottom center of the screen there is a sharing button. It’s a box with an arrow out of the top. Click that and then drag the menu that just opened up from the bottom. Again, you will see an option that reads “Add to Home Screen” with a box with a plus sign inside it. Click on that and an icon for the page will be added to your home screen.

Just be aware that your home screen actually comprises several screens which can all be accessed by swiping to the left on your phone. If you do not see the icon on the first screen, swipe until you find it. Then click it to make sure it works. If you want it on the first screen, you should be able to drag it there.

Its as easy as that.

Now you have no excuse for not reading the Rule on a regular basis. You can just pull out your phone, click once and read it whenever you have just a few minutes to kill.

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