On Franciscan Peace, Podcast #1: Bill Schmitt and Sister Agnes Marie Regan

2 Thessalonians 3:16

May the Lord Give You Peace!

Below is the podcast featuring Bill and Sister. Just hit the play button on the far left.

Try these highlights as talking points for use in a formation setting:

  • Listen as they discuss letting go of fear and accepting “the peace of God that transcends understanding” in this time of pandemic and public strife.
  • Be inspired to seek an inner peace that goes well beyond the worldly definition of peace as simply an absence of conflict.
  • Be moved to ground yourself in a “trusting, true and solid” relationship with Jesus so that you might move through the world as a resolute peacemaker.
  • Be called to engage with all your brothers and sisters, Franciscan or otherwise, to help build a more fraternal world through a mutual commitment to peace.
  • Allow peace to manifest itself in you as the certain hope that Eternal Peace will be brought to fruition despite the bleakness that surrounds us when trouble touches the world as it is now.

As a next step, consider the empty tomb in the picture. Jesus loved each of us (again, Franciscan or otherwise) so much that He was willing to come into the world and suffer the Cross in order to ensure the possibility of salvation. Every individual lovingly created throughout the history of time by the Father can choose to spend eternity basking in the glow of His Love. Jesus’ resurrection, signified by the empty tomb, confirms His triumph over death.

Does this sure belief contribute to your sense of inner peace?

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