On Saying Yes, the Introduction

In mid-November 2019, I took a leave of absence from my regular job as a project manager for a large construction company.  This came at the end of a grueling two plus year assignment on a single project.  During those two years, I lost my 17-year-old son in a car accident and my 42-year-old sisterContinue reading “On Saying Yes, the Introduction”

Journey thru John, Chapter 9: On Being Blind

I am sure the pattern is consistent by now, but just in case, be aware for a moment how the reflection on each chapter begins with suggestions about how to immerse yourself in the scene.  Recall that this immersion is meant as an aid to your ability to pray over the material in the chapter.Continue reading “Journey thru John, Chapter 9: On Being Blind”

Slideshow from The Shrine of Christ’s Passion

A few weeks ago, as the restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic were at their height, I was feeling the need to get out of the house. At the same time, I was also feeling the need to spend some quality time in solitude, contemplation and prayer. I went on line and checked out theContinue reading “Slideshow from The Shrine of Christ’s Passion”

On Franciscan Peace, Podcast #1: Bill Schmitt and Sister Agnes Marie Regan

May the Lord Give You Peace! Below is the podcast featuring Bill and Sister. Just hit the play button on the far left. Try these highlights as talking points for use in a formation setting: Listen as they discuss letting go of fear and accepting “the peace of God that transcends understanding” in this timeContinue reading “On Franciscan Peace, Podcast #1: Bill Schmitt and Sister Agnes Marie Regan”

On Franciscan Peace, the Introduction

“May the Lord Give you Peace!” It’s now just a little over two months since this blog was launched.  The content of the posts has varied greatly, but it is important to keep in mind that one driving force behind this website is the provision of formation materials for Secular Franciscans.  As the introduction toContinue reading “On Franciscan Peace, the Introduction”

Journey thru John, Chapter 8: Freedom and Love

This entire chapter is a direct continuation of the previous chapter.  It is the next day and Jesus is once again teaching in the temple courts.  Stay in the scene and watch the various exchanges between Jesus and the Jews.  Continue your process of discernment about the message Jesus is conveying.  If He is takingContinue reading “Journey thru John, Chapter 8: Freedom and Love”

Journey thru John, Chapter 7: Defining the Word “World”

Placing yourself in the scene for this chapter is perhaps especially important.  The tension between Jesus and the Jews is building throughout the chapter.  If you were a critic reviewing a novel, you would be congratulating the author on how superbly he uses this chapter to develop the main conflict of the story. “The JewsContinue reading “Journey thru John, Chapter 7: Defining the Word “World””

Free Resource for May Crowning

Just received this in my email yesterday from my good friend and fraternity sister Patricia who works for the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame. It is a free resource meant to facilitate the celebration of a May Crowning in the home. Thought it might be something that many FranciscansContinue reading “Free Resource for May Crowning”