Journey thru John, Chapter 7: Defining the Word “World”

Placing yourself in the scene for this chapter is perhaps especially important.  The tension between Jesus and the Jews is building throughout the chapter.  If you were a critic reviewing a novel, you would be congratulating the author on how superbly he uses this chapter to develop the main conflict of the story. “The JewsContinue reading “Journey thru John, Chapter 7: Defining the Word “World””

Free Resource for May Crowning

Just received this in my email yesterday from my good friend and fraternity sister Patricia who works for the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame. It is a free resource meant to facilitate the celebration of a May Crowning in the home. Thought it might be something that many FranciscansContinue reading “Free Resource for May Crowning”

Journey thru John, Chapter 6: Francis’ Passion for the Eucharist

I know that as a Franciscan, I should say Assisi.  But in all honesty, if there was one place in the world that I could go, I would pick Capernaum.  The archaeologists (some of them Franciscan friars, who are the caretakers for the site) say that the ruins of the synagogue that stand there todayContinue reading “Journey thru John, Chapter 6: Francis’ Passion for the Eucharist”

Journey thru John, Chapter 5: Obedience and Spiritual Poverty

For this chapter, it seemed to me that the best time to ask you to enter the scene was not at the beginning of my reflection, but at the end.  Hopefully that makes sense after you’re done reading. If you already did your reflection based on your own, that’s great.  It’s what you are supposedContinue reading “Journey thru John, Chapter 5: Obedience and Spiritual Poverty”

Interacting in Community Despite the Pandemic

One of the reasons for pushing forward to launch this website now was the express hope that it would provide a way for Secular Franciscans to interact with each other while we are all isolated and practicing social distancing in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. As you can see by the email below,Continue reading “Interacting in Community Despite the Pandemic”

Journey thru John, Chapter 4: Encounter and Conversion

The first part of this chapter is one of my favorite stories from the gospels.  I think this is because it lends itself so well to placing myself in the location.  We all probably have an image of a well in our head that originates in the fairy tales of our youth.  Mine includes aContinue reading “Journey thru John, Chapter 4: Encounter and Conversion”

About, the Podcast

In a modern environment full of technological innovation, it is no longer enough to rely solely on the written word to be able to effectively communicate important messages to the world. Audio and video are elements that must also be integrated into any website if it is to reach its full potential. With that inContinue reading “About, the Podcast”

Journey Thru John, Chapter 3: Proximity and Joy

Did you read the full chapter on your own this month?  Which verses spoke to you?  Did you make it a point to spend extra time with them?  Did you gain a little intimacy with Jesus in the process? Did you ask for the intercession of Francis and Clare as you prayed?  Did you findContinue reading “Journey Thru John, Chapter 3: Proximity and Joy”

Opportunity in Hardship: The Example of St. Francis

At this stage, several weeks into the pandemic with who knows how many weeks yet to go, I find myself easily distracted.  Despite my pensiveness, I can’t help but feel this time is full of opportunity.  The practical secular in me thinks I should use this time to catch up on worldly things.  But theContinue reading “Opportunity in Hardship: The Example of St. Francis”