Churches Awaiting the Joy After Lockdown: Many Happy Returns

As more Catholics resume physical attendance at Mass in areas where governors and bishops have issued policies easing COVID-19 lockdown rules, pastors and parish ministers around the country will carry many concerns with them when they open their church’s doors. Their rigorous attention to practices and protocols, focused on keeping worshipers healthy, will be rightContinue reading “Churches Awaiting the Joy After Lockdown: Many Happy Returns”

On Peaceful Communication

By this point, Catholics listening to Pope Francis’ ongoing messages to the world can feel comfortable that renewing social communication in all its forms, but especially in the digital realm, is one of his priorities. This applies to the Church and the secular sphere, to faith-embracing people and “nons” alike. He spoke about it inContinue reading “On Peaceful Communication”

Let’s Talk About Communicating Better

There’s a second kind of “climate change” happening in our world today — this one in our culture. It generates heat without light through conflict in civil society. It also causes personal pain through the abrasive erosion of the proverbial topsoil that otherwise allows dignity and hope to grow and thrive in a well orderedContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Communicating Better”

About, the Podcast

In a modern environment full of technological innovation, it is no longer enough to rely solely on the written word to be able to effectively communicate important messages to the world. Audio and video are elements that must also be integrated into any website if it is to reach its full potential. With that inContinue reading “About, the Podcast”

Pope Francis: When Distanced, Draw Near

By Bill Schmitt, OFS (from | March 19) Pope Francis has spoken out about our need to draw near to one another. He has done so from Rome, in the heart of a nation well-known for its current reliance on “social distancing”–the medically necessary phenomenon that tames contagions but challenges us in body, mind,Continue reading “Pope Francis: When Distanced, Draw Near”